• After disgraced Quantum Physicist Dr Charlie
    Graham returns to her home town, she is forced to
    take up a teaching position at the local secondary
    school. Unhappy, and unable to sleep, Charlie begins
    experiencing vivid and unsettling memories of the
    past and, what seem to be visions of the future.

  • As Charlie begins to experience these strange shifts
    in time, a brilliant but troubled new student, Ashley,
    arrives in Charlie’s science class. Struggling to fit in at
    school, and with a difficult home life, Ashley finds
    solace in Charlie when she comes to her with a
    scientific question concerning higher dimensions.

  • As the two women grow closer, Charlie’s visions
    become more sinister as the lines between the past,
    present and future begin to blur. When Charlie’s
    physical world begins to be dragged into the fourth
    dimension, she is able to see both a tragic future for
    Ashley and the chance for one of the greatest
    scientific breakthroughs of all time.